Together, we create change.

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At Adobe, we believe that creativity is the catalyst for positive change. We’re driven to inspire creativity in people who want to make a meaningful impact — on education, our environment, our communities and the world at large. 

Together, we create change.

What motivates us at Adobe?

Igniting creativity in young people.

Igniting creativity in young people.

How are we enhancing education around the world? Through Project 1324, where youth create digital media to tell powerful stories for social change. Through programs that teach underrepresented youth how to code. And by helping bright, motivated adults who work in other fields make a transition into tech. 
Learn about our efforts in education ?

Innovation for conservation.

Our mission is to foster a culture of sustainability. We work hard to find new ways to preserve natural resources throughout our global operations — whether we’re planning a new office site, designing employee workspaces or helping customers support sustainability through the use of our products.
Learn about our sustainability initiatives ?
Innovation for conservation.
Empowering our people to improve our world.

Empowering our people to improve our world.

When it comes to solving social problems, we put our best people on it — our employees and partners. We invest in their solutions for positive change by donating money to the causes they care about, integrating their volunteer work and career development and much more.
See what we do for our communities ?

Join us on our journey to create change. Explore our stories ?

Sustainability & Social Impact Report

Corporate Responsibility reports and policies

Stay up-to-date on our Sustainability & Social Impact efforts by visiting our Conversations blog.


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