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Adobe Advertising Cloud, formerly Adobe Media Optimizer, is an independent, end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. It gives you a single programmatic solution for delivering TV, search, display, and social advertising across any screen, in any format.

Adobe Advertising Cloud
Cross-channel, End-to-End

Cross-Channel, End-to-End

Seamlessly unite creative, data, and media buying across all screens and formats – including TV, search, and social.
Audience at the Core

Audience at the Core

Identify and amplify your high-value audience segments for more personal and accurate targeting at scale.
Performance without Compromise

Performance without Compromise

Drive the outcomes you desire without ever compromising on brand safety and media quality, but with full transparency.
Data-driven Creative

Data-Driven Creative

Create the most relevant ads using data insights that reveal your customers’ interests and past behaviors.

See Adobe Advertising Cloud’s powerful offerings.

Get the most out of search.


Get the most out of search.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search lets you simulate and quickly act on the best and most profitable options in your search marketing strategy.
Manage your advertising with our demand-side platform.


Manage your advertising with our demand-side platform.

Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP gives you a single platform to plan, execute, optimize, and measure ad campaigns from TV and mobile to display and social.
Create the most compelling ads with dynamic creative optimization.


Create the most compelling ads with dynamic creative optimization.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative enables you to deliver ads that are personalized to the viewer in real-time.
Increase the impact of your TV Advertising.


Increase the impact of your TV Advertising.

Adobe Advertising Cloud TV uses data and automation to help you to deliver compelling experiences.
Use AI to find the right audience.
With the help of Adobe Sensei, your DMP finds valuable new audiences and estimates audience segment reach with high confidence.

What can Adobe Advertising Cloud do for you?

See how Adobe Advertising Cloud helps you address today’s marketing challenges with real-world advertising use cases.



Dynamic creative is a part of programmatic. It's in its nature.

Read our Brilliant Advertising guide to learn five ways to overcome the challenges of programmatic ads.
  • Thousands of insights. One convenient place.

    We’ve gathered hundreds of Adobe’s latest articles about building an experience business into our brand-new portal, Adobe Insights.
  • Thousands of insights. One convenient place.
Experience League

Welcome to a new enablement program to help customers get the most of our Adobe Experience Cloud — with guided learning, one-to-one expert support, and access to a thriving community.

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