:Make delivering great digital experiences look easy.

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Adobe Experience Manager

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

It’s the leading digital experience management solution for marketers and IT to design, anticipate, and deliver rapidly adaptable experiences across web, mobile, in store, and any end point in the customer journey.

Content backbone, as agile and accessible as it is robust.

Your customers and employees want each interaction with your brand to feel genuine and valuable. The right capabilities and workflows help you meet this expectation with speed and scale, now and into the future.
Across web and mobile sites, online communities, physical signage, and application end points, ensure your content supports a personalized and connected experience wherever people are.
Discover a smart, enterprise-class digital asset management system that accelerates the sourcing, rapid adaptation, and delivery of all your assets at scale.
With customers visiting your sites and apps, simplify how you create forms and documents that transform customer enrollments and communications.
Cloud Manager
Cloud Manager
Launch and continually improve, monitor, and test your digital experiences whenever you need and want — all at cloud scale, speed, and security.
Present perfectly engaging experiences on mobile and every connected device.
Blow your customers away with an experience that includes the most relevant content possible on every device — from mobile apps to non-display IoT devices. Conveniently manage and publish content in real time, across all your properties.

See how leading brands succeed with Experience Manager.

The well-known UK retailer is transforming itself into an integrated, multichannel business.
Global manufacturer maintains brand consistency across one million web pages and keeps global content in sync by reducing translation times by up to 75% and translation management costs by up to 90%.
This newspaper rapidly builds new digital revenue channels with Adobe Experience Manager.



Work from one unified interface. Access content. Author experiences.

Enjoy all the tools you need for marketers, developers, and IT operators in one place so true collaboration can happen at the speed of digital. You can conveniently create the best customer experiences across all touchpoints while maintaining and managing your business’s workflows.
Unified Interface

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

If you know Experience Manager is for you, then let’s get moving. To design a solution that fits your needs, you can work with a partner or with us. In either case, we have plenty of resources to help inform your other decision-makers about how Experience Manager meets your needs for marketing and IT velocity.

Content management is one thing. Content excellence, another.

Learn why Adobe has been positioned again as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. Read the report — and reimagine your content.

Broaden your scale and agility.

The best digital experience management solution allows you to take advantage of the speed and scale of the cloud backed by the tools, best practices, and security that Adobe Experience Manager provides for IT operations.

Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use cases for best practices in Experience Manager.
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