:It’s more than data. It’s customer intelligence.
Guiding the experiences that matter.

Turn your insight into action.
Adobe Analytics is an industry–leading solution that empowers you to understand your customers as people — what they want, need, and believe. Discover your most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer your entire business with customer intelligence.
Home Depot

Home Depot uses our tools to assemble customer intelligence.

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See how the home improvement retailer uses Adobe Analytics to better understand and serve their customers.


Choose the Analytics plan that fits your needs.


Discover audiences with enterprise-grade analytics.

Empower your decision making with accurate, timely, and insightful data. With drag-and-drop segment building and customizable reporting, you can discover your high-value customers and the best ways to engage them.


Multichannel customer intelligence for the enterprise.

Understand your customers, find new insights, and identify issues — all with real-time, multichannel data. Measure the effectiveness of your mobile apps to understand how people interact with your digital experiences across devices.


Advanced machine learning and deep customer intelligence.

Take advantage of machine learning and AI to discover deep insights and uncover hidden opportunities. Use experiential data from cross-channel marketing and advanced analytics to get the most complete picture of your customers' journey.

We’re a Leader in analytics. Three years in a row.

Gartner names Adobe a leader in digital marketing analytics.

Add functionality to your Analytics plan.

As you lock into your Analytics plan, there’s still more capability you can plug in to make it more powerful. Consider these Adobe Analytics add-ons:
  • Video

    An advanced analytics platform for standardized video and ad engagement measurement.
  • Predictive Workbench

    Advanced insights powered by statistical modeling and machine learning.
  • Live Stream

    Take action on what's happening right now with the real-time events fire hose.
  • Data workbench

    An advanced analytics platform for customer analytics and predictive modeling.
  • Mobile Marketing

    A mobile app campaign tool for messaging, user acquisition, and location-based marketing.
  • Attribution

    Understand what marketing touches are the most meaningful and how to most effectively optimize the customer journey.

Curate data your way with Analysis Workspace.

Analysis Workspace is our new analytics experience that allows you to simplify the visualization, analysis, and sharing of complex sets of data. Pick from our templates and modify your experience as needed. Drag and drop different dimensions and elements, create ad hoc queries, and get results in seconds.
Curate data your way with Analysis Workspace.

Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use cases for best practices in Analytics.
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