:Say hello to the Platform that powers experiences.

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The Adobe Cloud Platform helps you enhance your customers' experiences by being the connection between your content, data, and the ability to take action. The Platform delivers data collection and governance as well as a machine learning and AI framework powered by Adobe Sensei that are open and extensible. All of this together allows you and your partners to serve the exact experiences your customers hope you're going to deliver.

Content and data: together at last.

A solid foundation makes for a solid Platform.

First things first, the Adobe Cloud Platform ensures that these marketing basics are tuned up and aligned for your needs as an experience business.


Gather, unify, and manage data from all enterprise and digital activation systems.


Compile, syndicate, and dynamically collaborate in content creation in real-time.


Experience Cloud Profiles power connected experiences across Adobe solutions, custom apps and partners.


Utilize artificial intelligence to surface customer insights and enrich profiles in real time.

Semantics & Controls

Manage the way data is used and control how you comply with privacy regulations.

Intelligence everywhere with Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei is the AI and machine learning framework in Adobe Cloud Platform. Users can access Adobe Sensei through features in Adobe products and developers can customize experiences using Adobe Sensei services through Adobe I/O. Data scientists can build their own custom models with the machine learning workspace in Adobe Cloud Platform.

With Adobe I/O, developers make work flow.

We’ve launched new enhancements to Adobe I/O, our cross-cloud developer portal.
Adobe I/O Events
Developers now have access to Adobe I/O Events and even more Experience Cloud APIs to integrate with, extend, and build custom applications with Adobe technology.
Adobe I/O Runtime
With the beta release of Adobe I/O Runtime, developers can code in a serverless environment and tap into Adobe Sensei’s AI and machine learning capabilities to create powerful automated workflows and experiences.
Observe Point
TMM Data
Decibel Insight

Get more value from Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Exchange.

With over 500 Adobe partners and applications, Adobe’s technology and data partner ecosystem helps you innovate and get more value out of your Adobe investments. Extend Adobe Experience Cloud functionality with applications from our Exchange partners, including phone call attribution, commerce, 3rd-party data and modeling, and more.

Adobe Cloud Platform Launch is now available to all customers.

Adobe Cloud Platform Launch unifies the data and technology on your website. It simplifies tag management, drives automation with APIs, and lets partners build integrations for marketers to use and enjoy. And best of all, it’s available to all Adobe customers.

Meet Adobe Cloud Platform Auditor.

Auditor is the newest addition to the Adobe Cloud Platform. It helps customers understand the health of their Adobe implementations and gives recommendations on how to improve them. That way, customers gain the most value from their Adobe investment.
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