With a future in motion, you need content management that rapidly adapts.

Customers demand an amazing experience every time they engage with your brand. And as touchpoints multiply, it’s no longer sustainable to craft an experience for each screen and channel. But with the capabilities of next-generation content management, you can now deliver what we call fluid experiences and handle whatever comes next.
Gartner named Adobe as a Leader in Web Content Management Platforms — 7 years and counting.

How fluid experiences work.

To serve content that quickly changes based on context, you need to rethink all the pieces you manage. Your copy and media components need to become individual, independent pieces, so, on the fly, they can compose the best performing experience on any device or format. When your content management can effortlessly learn patterns and make decisions around the right content, you’ll delight customers with brand experiences from the web to mobile. Kiosks to wearables. VR, AR, and IoT.
Content velocity
Content velocity.
Quickly and effortlessly go from ideation to publishing to meet consumer demands and drive results.
Contextual experience
Contextual experience.
Generate rich experiences based on and optimized by context and a complete view of the customer.
Content intelligence
Content intelligence.
Use AI and machine learning to take action and automate content discovery, management, creation, personalization, delivery, and performance.
Cloud scale and security
Cloud scale and security.
Scale to any size with the computing power of the cloud and security certified for ISO 27001, FedRAMP, HIPAA, GLBA and more.

Thousands of insights. One convenient place.

We've gathered hundreds of Adobe's latest articles about building an experience business into our brand-new portal, Adobe Insights.

How top brands are succeeding with content management.

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Philips delivers new experiences faster while still ensuring brand consistency.

“Transforming digital marketing was a natural next step for Philips, and one of the most exciting assignments of my career."
Joost van Dun
.Com Manager, Corporate Experience, Philips

Informatica chose a content management system that uses tailored, targeted content for amazing results.

“We’ve seen global website visits jump 61% and organic search visits climb by 55%.”
Sean Browne
Senior Director of Web Marketing, Informatica


Synopsys selected a new CMS to rework its website and improve web content creation by 40x.

“There was no room for security flaws, no matter how minor, because we’re in the security business.” 
Dave DeMaria
Corporate Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Synopsys

Morningstar standardized on a new marketing platform for 26% YOY increase in customer engagement.

“We can work on web pages ourselves, which gives us greater agility and accelerates time to market for new content and services.” 
James McClamroch
Senior Vice President, Individual Investor Software, Morningstar, Inc

When your content can transform, your business can do the same.

Powering remarkable engagements with fluid experiences is just the start. When you connect it with the rest of our marketing solution, you’ll have a fully integrated platform. One that runs in the cloud to build your brand, drive revenue, increase loyalty, and transform your business into an experience business.

See content management in action and how you can get started.

Build a solid digital foundation.
The right technology, framework, and resources are the cornerstones of engaging experiences.
Master content across channels.
Centralize, streamline, automate, and optimize content creation to keep up with customers’ growing demands.
Create a consistent customer experience.
Bring together systems and break down silos to keep customers engaged with omnichannel experiences
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