Data management platform (DMP)

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A data management platform merges the touchpoints and traits that define your customers and reveal their journeys with your brand. You can use this intelligence to build unique audience profiles for sharper targeting and more personalized experiences.

Data Analytics

Managing data effectively means overcoming challenges.


Making sense of your data is no small task. Without a first-class DMP, you can encounter significant challenges.
Data security and access control.
Data security and access control.
Connecting siloed data.
Connecting siloed data.
Inability to make data actionable.
Inability to make data actionable.
Managing data at scale.
Managing data at scale.


Connect the dots to reveal the humanity within your data.


Putting data management at the core of your marketing turns touchpoints into intelligence.


Centralized, structured data control.
Centralized, structured data control.
A DMP aggregates first-party data from point of sale, CRM, web, email, and other sources, so you can deliver consistent messaging across your channels. A DMP helps ensure all your teams are working with the same audience models, and providing a consistent experience.  
Identity management across teams.
Identity management across teams.
You can seamlessly manage identities across devices, enabling you to deliver deeper personalization. A DMP allows you to link profiles to devices so you have a 360-degree view of your customers and the devices they use to interact with your brand.
Audience modeling for new opportunities.
Audience modeling for new opportunities.
Find similarities among cohorts that will enable you to discover look-alike audiences and reach new customers by using the insights and behaviors of your best customers.
Data monetization.
Data monetization.
Collecting, organizing, and selling first-party audience data adds value to your enterprise by turning your investment in analytics into additional revenue streams.
Data Management Platform (DMP)
Adobe can help.
Identify, segment, and activate audiences with precision and confidence using Adobe Audience Manager. With insights gained from data across channels, systems, and teams, you can improve and extend experiences and campaigns easily and quickly while supporting your business goals. 



Shifting to better audience targeting with Adobe's data management platform.


Leading brands harness data with Audience Manager to improve experiences and optimize campaigns.
Shelley Wise, Director of Brand Marketing, Princess Cruises


“We have a lot of different teams that want to use data. There is so much more opportunity when you can connect [our DMP] to our web team, our email teams.”
— Shelley Wise,
Director of Brand Marketing, Princess Cruises
Chris Reynolds, VP of Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast
“Living up to what the consumer expects of us is challenging. Being able to identify people wouldn’t have been possible without Adobe Audience Manager. The response has been fantastic.”
— Chris Reynolds,
VP of Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast


Data management platform FAQ.

Which team at my organization should oversee the DMP?
It will vary by organization, but often the DMP is managed by a marketing team in close collaboration with cross-functional stakeholders, which may include IT, customer insights, product management, or business development teams.
Does Adobe's DMP integrate with third-party solutions?
Yes. Adobe Audience Manager has robust server-to-server integrations with leading solutions, including third-party data providers and data activation partners.
Can a DMP help expand our audience targeting?
Yes. Through look-alike modeling, you're able to identify additional prospects who should be treated like high-value customers.
Should we put a data governance policy in place before implementing a DMP solution?
Yes. To make the most out of your investment, it's important to create data governance policies before implementing a DMP or in parallel with implementation. This ensures alignment between stakeholders so appropriate data is utilized by Audience Manager.
How do I discover audiences with Adobe Analytics?
Adobe Audience Manager has unmatched integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud that allow you to send high-value audience data to the DMP for enrichment and share that enriched data for activation across all your channels.
What are the top security considerations for a DMP?
You want complete visibility and control when you’re ingesting data, activating data, and managing permissions for users.

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