Personalization isn’t optional. It’s essential.

Give your customers what they want — a personalized experience every time. Now it’s possible with an industry-recognized, award-winning personalization engine powered by artificial intelligence.

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We stand alone as a Leader in the Forrester Wave?: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2017.

Lead the way in next-gen personalization.

You want to create experiences that keep customers coming back. You turn to personalization tools to help you test, target, and optimize, but that’s just the beginning. What you need is a personalization engine. One that lets you experiment across all customer channels. That uses powerful machine learning for large-scale personalization payoffs. And is informed by your other digital marketing efforts.
Take control.
Take control.
Now you can personalize across all customer channels and touchpoints. Manage A/B and multivariate testing to learn what experiences your customers prefer.
Achieve scale with AI.
Achieve scale with AI.
With artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can finally personalize for every customer — at a speed and scope that’s never seemed possible until now.
Get better business results.
Get better business results.
Give customers what they want — right when they want it. A better customer experience increases clicks, conversions, and loyalty.

Thousands of insights. One convenient place.

We've gathered hundreds of Adobe's latest articles about building an experience business into our brand-new portal, Adobe Insights.

How top brands are succeeding with personalization.

When you think about driving a personal customer experience led by the strength of artificial intelligence, it's not just pie-in-the-sky theory. Here are two leading brands making it work today.
T-Mobile: Boosted average order values up to 56%.

T-Mobile: Boosted average order values up to 56%.

T-Mobile boosts their click-through rates for phones by up to 16% and average order values to 56% by delivering customer experiences with enriched customer and behavioral data.

EE: Personalizing 31 million experiences.

“Personalization is about delivering relevancy to our customers consistently across channels. You almost shouldn’t realize that it’s happening.”

Will Harmer
Senior Manager of Insights and Optimization, EE
EE: Personalizing 31 million experiences.

Deliver AI-powered personalization.

We help you start personalizing in simple ways and then expand your capabilities over time. Our personalization engine, built with Adobe Target and the help of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager, is powered by the AI and machine learning of Adobe Sensei to help you tackle your most complex customer experience challenges.

Adobe won the Data & Marketing Association’s
Innovation Award for personalization.
Adobe won the Data & Marketing Association’s Innovation Award for personalization.

See personalization in action and how you can get started.

Personalized experiences
Know what your customer wants and needs at any moment, then deliver it consistently and across every channel.
Acquire the best customers
Customer acquisition isn’t just about finding customers. It’s about finding the most valuable customers who will stay with you long term.
Create connected experiences
Create engaging, multichannel, and personal experiences that behave consistently and correctly no matter the screen or device.
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