:Personalization pays off. Especially when you automate and test it.

Adobe Target

What is Adobe Target?

It’s a complete optimization solution that allows data-driven marketers to rapidly experiment and create high-converting personalized experiences. Read what's new ?
Conversation Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization

Engage and convert more by testing to improve every stage of the customer journey.
Content Personalization


Deliver relevant, engaging experiences across all digital interactions using any data source.

Mobile app optimization

Test and personalize the app experience based on user behavior and mobile context.

Adobe Target creates over $600 million revenue uplift for our customers every year.



monthly unique visitors accessing its mobile app.


increase in Marriott Reward enrollments.


increase in click-throughs.


lift in conversions.

See what Target can do.

Easily set up, test, and deliver targeted experiences to your customer segments.
Use self-learning algorithms to create unique engagements for each visitor.
Increase mobile engagement and revenue with A/B testing and geolocation targeting.
Automatically present personalized recommendations to your customers based on their behavior and relevant data.

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Testing takes only a few clicks.

See how easy it is to use Target.



Find out if your targeting stacks up.

Discover your strengths and learn where to focus your efforts for better web optimization with our Target Self-Assessment Tool.


Make room for improvement.

Learn the best online optimization strategies for boosting your bottom line with our ROI calculator.

We’re the only Leader among Digital Intelligence Platforms.

See why we feel we’re best positioned to move you from analytics to digital intelligence in the latest Forrester Wave.

Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use cases for best practices in marketing optimization.
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